Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC




Welcome the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC as our meal sponsor for the 2018 South Island Safety Conference. We’ll all be able to thank MSA BC for the wonderful continental breakfast and lunches which are included in every registration.

The Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC (formerly known as FIOSA-MIOSA Safety Alliance of BC) is the health and safety association for manufacturers and food processors in British Columbia. Their guiding principle is to create and maintain a united resource so that the manufacturing and food processing industries can improve health and safety, reduce injury rates, and insurance premiums. The goal is to assist members and clients wishing to enhance their health and safety management systems.

They work hand-in-hand with your organization to help you build an effective and sustainable health and safety management system. If you do not have an occupational health and safety (OHS) resource or program in place, they can work with your team to help you build a program. They offer a number of training, tools, resources and professional advisory services to help your business become healthier and safer places to work. Whether in a classroom or on your shop floor, they go the extra mile so you can achieve your objectives.

Thanks to the MSA BC for helping support this important safety event!

Call for Presentations – Ideas

We have updated our call for presentations for the 2018 South Island Safety Conference. Now with some ideas and suggestions to help you design your talk. Feel free to use our ideas or we are very open to other creative submissions as long as they focus on the goal.

This conference will allow employees and companies on Southern Vancouver Island, easy and cost-effective access to not only mandatory OHS training but overall safety training and awareness. Let’s all help workers on the South Island come home safely every day from work.


Call For Presentations
2018 South Island Safety Conference
Helping Individuals Achieve Their Training Goals.

The 2018 South Island Safety Conference is now accepting session presentation proposals
for the November 5 & 6, 2018 South Island Safety Conference, being held at The Saanich
Fair Grounds, Main Hall near Victoria B.C.

The subject matter must relate to safety for the purpose of attendees achieving their annual mandatory training requirements and ongoing professional development.
Individuals attending your session should go away with tangible tips and information that they can apply in their workplace. We expect attendees to be from many different careers and job descriptions – from the trades, manufacturing, human resources, janitorial and cleaning, municipalities, and office workers.

Session ideas:

  • Equipment safety – machinery to technology could apply
  • Safety equipment -what to use, when to use, how to use
  • Impairment – alcohol, drugs including marijuana
  • Fatigue – operating machinery, drivers and more
  • Human factors – Safety from a leadership perspective, bullying or harassment
  • PTSD – many examples could apply
  • Online safety – what does this mean for today’s office worker
  • Emergency planning – office and work sites need appropriate plans
  • Accident / Incident reporting and investigations
  • OHS –how to set-up and manage an Occupational Health & Safety committee
  • First Aid – It may be needed for more than just construction sites
  • Robbery or Physical threats – Front line staff deal with this all to often
  • Hazard Identification – from work sites to office buildings
  • Culture – how to create a culture of safety
  • Young or new employees – orientation styles, skills, objectives


These are just some of the ideas. Please feel free to submit your own


Presentations are to be 90 minutes in length.

Proposals received through this Call for Presentations by March 30, 2018 will be
given first consideration by the 2018 South Island Safety Conference Committee for
use putting together the program for the Conference. You will be encouraged to bring information promoting your company or service for attendees to follow-up with later.
If you are interested in submitting a proposal for the 2018 South Island Safety Conference,
please email your proposal to
We will respond to all submissions within 7 days of receiving them.
Thank you!